Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sparkle Is Back !

Welcoming you back to all things handcrafted, vintage, crafty, delicious and one of a kind!  

That's right folks, Sparkle is being set up for Nov. 17th to be the BEST we've ever had.  

Prepare yourself for tables of amazing merchandise, satisfying the young and old and everyone in between!  
Are you excited??  You should be!!
Mark. Your. Calendars.
Saturday, OCT 27th 2012
LWBC parking lot (Val Vista/Brown)

Interested in being a vendor?
Of course you are-!-

Keep in mind that (in order to be fair to all vendors) we do limit the number of applicants regarding similar selling items.
Who wants 3 scentsy tables, right?  not cool.  

for full vendor details,
contact our team leaders:
hurry, hurry, hurry!
Last year all our vendor slots filled up early
and we had people unhappy that they weren't able to reserve themselves a table.  

coming up shortly. 
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